it works in 3 simple steps

CertifySimple Uses Google Sheet Data to Generate Personalised Certificates from Google Slide and Send via Gmail, follow and experience the same.

Step 1

Sheet Demo Template

Make a copy of sample student info google sheet, this is just to so you can try certifysimple is not limited to this sheet template

Make a Copy →

Step 2

Slide Demo Template

Make a copy of this google slide certificate template, again this is so you can try quick certifysimple is not limited to this google slide template you can use any.

Make a Copy →

Step 3

Start Using

Now let's see how to use the google sheet and slide to generate certificates and send them via gmail. Make sure you have certifysimple app install if not Install Now

Let's create certificates with certifysimple app

  • Step1: Submit the sheet url, use the copy you made from the template or your's just make sure to have atleast two students info.
  • Step2: Enter the certificates generated file name format, you can use the attributes in the sheet like Demo-{{Name}}-certificate. {{Name}} will be updated with the row value.
  • Step3: Click on Create New, Write the email subject and body you can also add template name. This email will be send to the recipients with certificate pdf attached.
  • Step4: Now click Generate and close the campaign will start soon and you will be notified when the certificates are generated via email and then we send.
  • Step5: Certificates Generated? Now open certifysimple app submit campaign name, I name it DemoCampaign
  • Step6: Enter google sheet url and others and click Send Emails and Done
  • Now you can see the send emails from your email, If face any problem send a mail to

    Create & Send Certificates in Bulk with Google Slides & Gmail.

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