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it works in 5 simple steps

With CertifySimple you can start generating Certificates and Sending them in less than 4 minutes

Step 1

Edit Templates

Get Certificate Templates by Slidego or Import Canva Certificates template to Google Slide which you can edit as you like in Google Slides

Step 2

Students Info

Add Students Info to Google Sheets, Name and Email is required columns. You can add more to personalise certificates

Step 3

Write Email

Write a Email, You can Personalise it with google sheet columns header, For example to use name add {{Name}} in email. Also you can use email templates you added before.

Step 4

Generate Certificates

With the Certificate Slide, Open CertifySimple app enter the google sheet url and file name structure and then click on "Generate Certificates" button

Step 5

Send Emails

Once the Certificates are generated have a check if certificates are created, and then click on "Send Certificates" and certificates will be mailed to each student with personalised emails

Create And Send Certificates

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Create & Send Certificates in Bulk with Google Slides & Gmail.

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