How to convert canva presentations to google slides


Sanskar Tiwari

27 May, 2022

Converting your Canva presentations to Google Slides or PowerPoint is quick and easy.

On the Canva editor, click the three dots on the top right corner. Then, select the See all option to reveal different sharing/downloading options. Choose the Google Drive icon. You’ll be prompted to link your Google account to Canva if you haven’t linked it already.

Once linked, choose the Google Drive folder where you want to save your presentation file. Note that your presentation will first be saved in pptx format on your Google Drive account.

Double-click on your presentation file and it’ll automatically open on Google Slides. To make edits and save your Canva presentation on Google Slides, go to the File menu, then select Save as Google Slides.

Viola! You now have your cool Canva presentations fully converted to a Google Slide. (And it retains all layouts, colors, fonts) I recently just learned this for work and it was so nice seeing the great presentation designs I made on Canva effortlessly carry over to my Google Slides. What a great GSlide and PowerPoint alternative Canva is!

Now as you have the presentation in Google Slides you can use CertifySimple to generate certificates in bulk use info from google sheet and in few clicks generate and send certificates.

Generate Certificate in Bulk

Now you can either enter each name and other info manually or follow below to generate & send 100's of certificate in few clicks.

Step 1: Certificate Template

the first step of the process is to create a certificate template of how you want your certificate to look like, you do not have to do this from scratch which you can do in canva and then export canva presentation to google slides

Step 2: Have Certified People Info in google sheet

Create a new google sheet and add Certified People info in it. Just open in new tab this will create the google sheet and then add the info in it.

Each column can have a personalised info which can be included in the certificate or email of the Certified People.

here is example google sheet with Certified People info in it:

Step3: Generate Certificate

Note: Before following Step 3 install certifysimple app, just visit and install the app for free

To generate the certificate open the google slide (the certificate template we created in the first step) and then click on Addons and then click on Certifysimple.

here you need to enter the google sheet url, then create a folder in google drive and open it then copy the url in the url bar. and paste the url in the google drive url field in certifysimple app, Add sender name and click

"Generate Certificate"

once you click you can open the google drive foler and you will see the certificate in it. give it 5 minutes it will generate 50 certificates.

Once done if you want to generate more just click the same "Generate Certificate" button and it will generate 50 more certificates.

Step4: Send Certificate

Now as all the certificates are generated its time to send them to the Certified People.

to send the email we need to first create a email template, to do so if certifysimple app is open click on "Manage templates" and it will open a list of your email templates

if you do not have any it will show

No Email Template Found click "Create a new template" to add one

Click create new template and then write the subject and body of the email and you can also add pre header, once written just click on "save template"

You can personalise the email for each Certified People, just use {{CoulumnName}} and it will be updated with the cell value for the user

okay now you have email template, after you click "Save Template" you will be send to home page of certifysimple app give it a second the newly created template will be automaticlly selected and then just click "Send Certificate"

Note: before sending you can go back to google sheets and since it will have the google slide url of the certificate generated for each Certified People you can just check few to make sure they are generated as expected

have any questions? use the chat widget in the bottom right hand corner

here is quick tutorial how

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