How to convert canva presentations to google slides


Sanskar Tiwari

27 May, 2022

Converting your Canva presentations to Google Slides or PowerPoint is quick and easy.

On the Canva editor, click the three dots on the top right corner. Then, select the See all option to reveal different sharing/downloading options. Choose the Google Drive icon. You’ll be prompted to link your Google account to Canva if you haven’t linked it already.

Once linked, choose the Google Drive folder where you want to save your presentation file. Note that your presentation will first be saved in pptx format on your Google Drive account.

Double-click on your presentation file and it’ll automatically open on Google Slides. To make edits and save your Canva presentation on Google Slides, go to the File menu, then select Save as Google Slides.

Viola! You now have your cool Canva presentations fully converted to a Google Slide. (And it retains all layouts, colors, fonts) I recently just learned this for work and it was so nice seeing the great presentation designs I made on Canva effortlessly carry over to my Google Slides. What a great GSlide and PowerPoint alternative Canva is!

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